You can always count on a celebrity spilling an amazing story on Complex‘s Hot Ones', and that's exactly what Lil Nas X did on the latest episode. According to the "Old Town Road" artist, John Mayer once said something so powerful to him that it brought a tear to his eye.

I can't say I'm totally surprised — John Mayer seems like someone that could pass on profound wisdom on the fly. But to bring a grown man to tears with one simple statement? That's impressive.

The interviewer asked Lil Nas X what Mayer said to him to get him all choked up. To which he replied: "Maybe he said something super inspirational. John Mayer’s a super cool dude. He just says cool sh*t."

He went on to explain that the two were both at Columbia Records CEO Ron Perry’s party, where Mayer casually walked by him and said something that evidently, pulled at his heartstrings. "And then John Mayer just walks by the pool and says something super cool and walks away. And it made me cry a little bit," he confessed, awkwardly.

Before Nas X had a chance to get into detail about what exactly it was that Mayer said, he quickly changed the subject to something much lighter: Memes — can't say I blame him.

Watch the full interview below.