These politically charged times have people on edge, and some things that would have been seen as playful quips on social media are being treated much more seriously. We continue to watch as protests unfold in cities across America—most recently in Washington, D.C. as people have begun to chant outside of the White House—and on Friday (May 29), Lil Nas X tweeted a simple joke that some people found offensive.

Lil Nas X
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"What y'all wearing to the civil war," Lil Nas X wrote. There were quite a few people who didn't think his joke was funny, and they let the young artist know just how much they disapproved of his tweet. In turn, Lil Nas X took on a more serious tone when he issued his apology. "I am sorry for not using my platform to speak up more on the situation. i honestly feel as though it has become so normalized that even i myself am numb to police brutality towards black people. i hope this time around something changes."

Lil Nas X also shared a link to a petition calling for "Justice for George Floyd." Out of 6,000,000 signatures requested, there are over 5,900,000 signees. "I won’t pretend it isn’t happening tho," the rapper added. Check out his tweets below and let us know if you think people overreacted.