He's done his fair share of playful trolling so Lil Nas X isn't as perturbed with his online critics as one may think. Ever since "Old Town Road" with Bill Ray Cyrus became a megahit, Lil Nas X has been on the receiving end of constructive as well as destructive criticism. The award-winning singer most recently ruffled feathers with his "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" single and its accompanying, devil-pole-dancing music video, and it didn't take long for his inboxes and timelines to be flooded with hateful messages. 

Still, Lil Nas X told PEOPLE that he's unfazed by his critics who do their best at hitting below the belt. "The love outweighs the hate by like a hundred," he told the publication.

Lil Nas X, PEOPLE, Montero, Sun Goes Down
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"I guess it's because I kind of grew up on the internet and I've been through this before, and I know to take everything with a grain of salt," the 22-year-old continued. "So it's rare that it'll actually get to me, where I'm like, 'Oh, that hurts.'" Not all of the responses to "Montero" were negative, as many people praised the singer for defying societal norms.

"I was happy that a lot of people seeing this growing up are going to remember it for the rest of their lives and they're going to feel more confident in themselves," he said, before also speaking about his "most vulnerable song" that comes in in the form of his upcoming single, "Sun Goes Down."

"I definitely tell about some of my upbringing and it's also just a really great song," he said. "And the video goes back to my past, to 2017 Lil Nas X in his prime. Like he was at prom, working at Taco Bell, and what he did in his room, praying his sexuality away. Like all these things that I experienced that I wanted to share with my fans."

"Sun goes Down" is slated for release tomorrow (May 21).