Lil Nas X has always been an artist who isn't afraid to make fun of himself, while also offering some hilarious commentary when it comes to his biggest haters. The artist typically does this on both Twitter and TikTok, and more recently, he used TikTok to dismantle a bizarre conspiracy theory about his music and how it was being marketed.

On Thursday, however, Lil Nas X found a new target in 6ix9ine. As you can see in the TikTok video below, 6ix9ine made a derogatory comment about Lil Nas X's sexuality after DJ Akademiks shared a post about how China was giving anal swabs to outsiders. This prompted Lil Nas X to head over to Instagram, where he exposed 6ix9ine for allegedly sliding into his DMs, saying "Gonna be in yo city soon, what you doing?"

The TikTok immediately took off on social media as fans couldn't believe that 6ix9ine was trying to slide through. Of course, 6ix9ine has always been a massive troll so there is a possibility the artist was sending the DM in just, knowing it could make him go viral. Regardless, Lil Nas X wasn't afraid to expose the rainbow-haired rapper, and now here we are.

6ix9ine has yet to comment on the matter, although we're sure some kind of statement will be coming soon.

Lil Nas X

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