Nobody is a greater internet troll than Lil Nas X, so it's only right that he would debut on the cover of Paper Magazine looking like a troll–or elf?

X takes pride in his appearance, always showing up dressed to impress, especially when it comes to holiday costumes. For Halloween this year, X dressed as one of his favorites Nicki Minaj, an artist he ran a stan account for called "Nas Maraj." X is a certified Barb and could care less what a hater gotta say, specifically fellow-internet troll 50 Cent insisting that Nicki "come get him" and rapper Dave East, who failed miserably at insulting X with a misspelled homophobic slur in patois. 

If you come for Lil Nas X, he will surely respond and likely embarrass you...if you a gangsta or not, but for the most part X wants no problems. 

For his elaborate, green-screened photo spread, Lil Nas strikes a pose on a spiky silver Christmas tree, jumps on a tube of candy cane peppermint toothpaste, and even engages on a holiday webcam call, adhering to covid-19 holiday restrictions.   

According to X's Instagram caption, he is most certainly dressed as an elf. Go figure. Happy Holidays.