As Nicki Minaj waits to get her coins from the inception of Twitter's new voice feature, Lil Nas X is upgrading his brand and becoming one of the first people to successfully troll using the new update.

As you know, Lil Nas X is well-connected with his fanbase. As one of the strongest internet presences in the music industry, the country-rap sensation kicked off the fun by recreating some good ol' high-schoolish banter on the timeline.

With his first Twitter voice note, LNX blurted out one singular word, reminding us of cafeteria lunches when everybody would shout the same two syllables.

"Penis," he said on Twitter. 

The tweet has picked up over 62,000 retweets and 315,000 likes, serving as a favorite early submission into why this new feature was desperately needed. Twitter has changed forever and we're excited to see where this takes us.

Other stars like Cardi B tested out the tool. Her entry was pretty entertaining as well, seemingly replicating the voice of a Valley Girl and rambling for about 45-seconds about how she just woke up.

Are you a fan of the new feature that was added to the prominent social media platform or do you think it will only be used for trolling? Honestly, I'm excited to see how Donald Trump uses it. It feels like a ridiculous voice note about Joe Biden or a nonexistent AIDS vaccine is inevitable.