The Lil Nas X global takeover is in full effect as the 20-year-old continues to dominate the charts with his country-rap crossover "Old Town Road." The original song created enough of a buzz to cause controversy regarding whether or not it belonged on country music charts, but after Billy Ray Cyrus gave his co-sign and hopped on the remix...well, the rest is history

Still, many question whether or not Lil Nas X will be able to deliver future projects that can match up with the success he's obtained with his breakout single. The rapper certainly deserves to ride the "Old Town Road" hype "'til he can't no more," and after hinting that his next project is on its way, Lil Nas X has released the artwork to the album.

He shared the image of the record on Instagram and revealed that his EP will be titled 7. He also stated that he's working on creative visuals for each track. "I’m tryna make a visualizer (video) for every song on the ep and tryna work with upcoming animators on each one. so if y’all can link me to some dope ones pleaseeeeeee. 🥺😔😣" he tweeted.

Lil Nas X went on to give Drake a nod when he joked, "I’ve decide to title the album 'nothing was the same' here’s the artwork my team and i worked very hard on."