Don't be mistaken. Lil Nas X might rap in his songs but he's really a full-blown pop star, admitting it in his latest preview.

Following the tremendous breakout success of his tracks "Old Town Road" and "Panini", which netted him a Cardi B feature on his first-ever project, Lil Nas X is getting ready to release his debut full-length album. He has managed to remain in the public eye throughout his musical absence, continually teasing some new music to keep his fans looking to the future.

It looks like we're finally going to be getting some of those songs in our libraries soon because last night, he dropped a brand new song preview with a dance and everything, linking up with his go-to producers Take A Daytrip for some fun.

"Need a couple number ones, need a plaque on every song, need me like one with Nicki now," sings Lil Nas X in the new preview, citing his high ambitions. "Tell a rap n***a I don't see ya, I'm a pop n***a like Bieber, I don't f*ck b*tches, I'm queer," he continues.

The snippet goes hard, as evidenced by all of the positive replies on social media. People are excited about LNX's return to music and, from the sounds of it, everyone is feeling the LGBTQIA+-friendly lyric. That's always nice to see.

Later on, Nas X addresses the people who say he's fallen off, warning them: "I just ain't released my new sh*t."

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Are you looking forward to his upcoming album? According to Lil Nas X, it's going to be a fun "Nasvember," so be on the lookout.