Lil Peep fans marked the anniversary of his death by holding vigils across the globe yesterday. The event was synchronized from its initial point of scrimmage, a secret location in Los Angeles' Warehouse district. Upon assembly, the Peep fans in attendance joined together in song, rapping to "Hellboy," "Fuck Fame," and the reworked version of "Life Is Beautiful."

After creating emotional resonance through song, the organizers then placed the emphasis on a personally-curated playlist of Lil Peep's favorite music, a list that included works from My Chemical Romance, NOFX, Speaker Knockerz, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. While this was going on, fans in New York were planting commemorative art on freshly painted walls, as they were in Los Angeles.

The New York function played out similarly, albeit with fewer attendees, outside of Peep's LA stronghold. On a separate note, Lil Peep's mother Liza Womack, Facetimed a member of the LA crowd, who synched the phone call to a giant monitor for everyone to see.

If New York to Los Angeles doesn't cover a broad enough spectrum, this Lil Peep erected in Vilnius, Lithuania certainly demonstrates his Worldwide appeal. RIP Lil Peep, you will be missed.