When Lil Peep passed away last year, the landscape of "emo-rap" as we knew it had shifted. Gus was one of the pioneers of the reincarnation of that sound, blending together different genres and truly creating original vibes. His first posthumous album was released earlier this year as Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 dropped. COWYS2 is a project that Peep's go-to producer, Smokeasac, worked on extensively before it saw the light of day. Many of the late artist's fans had been hoping to hear some of the music he was working on before he passed away and, as somewhat of a bittersweet moment, it was shared when his estate signalled the ok. Liza Womack, Gus' mother, played a major role in the release of COWYS2 as she even directed one of the videos from it.

When selecting which tracks would become singles, Womack noted that she really liked "Runaway." With her blessing, the track was given a music video, which she ended up directing. Although she's listed as the director, many of the decisions were made by Smokeasac, who knew Peep extremely well. Speaking with Genius, Womack notes that his drawings were integrated into the finished product, as well as stop-motion animation techniques that Gus was fond of.

"Runaway" details the mental struggles that Peep faced as he wanted to get out of Los Angeles but, at the same time, he didn't want to go back home. Eventually, he found his way to London, which is shown in the video.