In a shocking turn of events, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp have decided to switch bodies and continue as the other for the remainder of their careers. The two Florida rappers have been critiqued heavily by the public for potentially tarnishing the rap game with their music. While the statement is a little harsh, it reflects sentiments felt by many who prefer a lyrical approach to their music. Pump and Purpp definitely cater to a specific crowd and while that audience eats up their music ferociously, the other half of consumers talk their shit incessantly. Perhaps the two got tired of being themselves so they decided to switch and see what it's like living a day in the other's shoes.

In all seriousness, the two did not actually swap bodies (from what we can tell.) However, Purpp and Pump have effectively traded hairstyles as the Deadstar rapper has adopted a more colorful approach to his hairstyling while everybody's favorite Gucci aficionado opted for brown locks. The two close friends have collaborated in the past but with a joint mixtape in the works, they're spending lots of time alongside each other. Deciding to document the physical changes to their appearances, Lil Purpp posted a video to his Instagram showing off their new hair. "Me and Pump just swapped hair colors," says the artist before laughing.

Pump has been known to switch up his look every now and then but Smokepurpp tends to keep things consistent. Fans seem to be sharing a laugh in the comments, praising their bromance and giggling with the two. How do you feel about their switch?