There's another target on Lil Pump's list and this time he's taking aim at JetBlue. No stranger to ruffling feathers, Lil Pump often makes headlines for his outrageous antics and commentary—including last week when he hurled a stream of insults toward Eminem. Prior to that episode, Pump became a trending topic over his vocal support of President Donald Trump and his appearance at the defeated leader's campaign rally during America's controversial 2020 election.

On Monday (December 28), Pump once again stole attention after TMZ reported that the rapper has been booted from JetBlue airlines for refusing to wear his mask while on a flight. According to JetBlue, they were completing a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles when Pump became unruly and verbally abusive to the airline's crew members. Things escalated once Pump took off his mask and when asked to put it on for safety reasons, he wouldn't comply.

JetBlue continued to their California destination and reportedly called ahead to have airport authorities at the gate. TMZ also reports that the captain of the flight documented what was occurring, and according to him, Pump not only wouldn't wear the mask, he was "sneezing and coughing into a blanket." However, Lil Pump wasn't arrested when they touched down in the City of Angels because he did eventually comply with the rules.

Later, Lil Pump shared—and deleted—a video of himself as he blasted the airline by saying "f*ck JetBlue." He contended that he didn't have to "wear no f*cking mask" and asserted that he wouldn't don a face-covering in 2021. Check out the video below.