Lil Pump is one of the most entertaining figures in music right now. While his music doesn't have the widest appeal, he compensates with his personality. The rapper's wild antics on social media continue to be a source of constant entertainment. The rapper's catchphrase, "Eskettit" became a catchphrase among his fanbase since his days of being a bubbling Soundcloud rapper. Today, Pump broke down the three different ways one can yell the term.

Lil Pump broke down the three different ways to say "Eskeettit" on his Instagram earlier. In the clip, the rapper explains the different inflections one can use to for his famous catchphrase. He didn't break down when the appropriate times to use the different inflections but you could probably figure that one out yourself.

Aside from the recent clip, Lil Pump is gearing up to feed his fans more music. In early June, the rapper revealed that he'll be releasing his upcoming project, Harvard Dropout at some point in July. He's been teasing the project for a minute now so hopefully, we could expect that to drop soon. He's released the track, "ESSKEETIT" in April and it seems like it's likely the first single off the project. In addition, he's also been teasing the release of his forthcoming song and video for "Drug Addict" which features a cameo from none of other than Charlie Sheen.