Lil Pump Brings His "Gucci Gang" (And A Tiger) To School

Matt F
October 23, 2017 13:05

Check out Lil Pump's new music video for his track "Gucci Gang."

There are several reasons to watch the new Lil Pump music video for his viral track "Gucci Gang." The most obvious one would be if you enjoyed his self-titled mixtape and, based on the sales numbers, that's a distinct possibility. His new tape moved an estimated 46,000 units in its first week on the market, with a mere 6,000 of those coming from non-streaming sources. The rapper has built up quite a following online and with a higher profile comes wider exposure and an even bigger audience. "Gucci Gang" is certainly one of the tracks that has made Pump's music career blossom thus far, so the arrival of a visual should peak the interests of those who follow the Soundcloud rap scene at the very least.

Another reason would be to watch the over-the-top nature of the video's central components. Boasting that his lean costs more than the rent of whomever may be watching, Pump navigates the inside of what looks like a high school with objects that aren't normally permitted to roam freely in the hallways. Among them are giant bags of weed, which the emcee holds on his shoulders and poses like one of those oft-seen Greek statues, and a tiger, who walks beside Pump with the watchful eye of a security detail. There's no way that anyone's approaching the rapper for autographs or anything with a killer feline obediently at his side, no matter how good that weed is. It's a curious choice that feels more about flaunting his riches than adding anything of relevance to the video, but hey, they sure get their money's worth when it comes to shots of the tiger walking.

Still another reason might be out of curiosity for what Pump's visuals can become with an added budget behind them. There's definitely an added sleekness here that was absent in previous videos, like the one for "Who Dat." Still, for a song that's just over two minutes in length, there's still not too much material to make that judgement call with. Regardless, it will be interesting where Pump's music and visual accompaniment goes from this point onward, and how opulent he'll choose to make the latter.

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