Lil Pump's been one of the young rapper who's been scorching hot in the streets. Everyone and their moms have been bumping "Gucci Gang" and soon enough, they'll be yelling "ESKETTITT" at family gatherings. However, Lil Pump's actions and general ignorant behavior has caused many to be divided on him. A lot of people enjoy his youthful energy but many hip hop heads aren't appreciative to whatever he's trying to contribute in the culture. J. Cole falls into the latter after he released his new album K.O.D earlier today. Many assumed that he was taking jabs at Lil Pump and the new wave of rappers, but it doesn't look like Pump has much to say about it.

Lil Pump took to his Instagram story earlier to share his reaction to J. Cole's alleged diss on the closing track, "1985." The rapper seemingly brushed off the situation while calling Cole a lame ass.

"Wow, you get so much props. You dissed a 17 year old." He sarcastically said with a chuckle, "Lame ass jit."

Cole's alleged diss wasn't unwarranted by any means. Back in 2017, Lil Pump released a song called "Fuck J. Cole." In addition, the saying became a running joke among the Soundcloud rappers including Adam22 who later switched up after J. Cole pulled up on his at his L.A. store. Chances are this is the extent that this "feud" will go unless Pump decides to drop a sequel to "Fuck J. Cole."