Lil Pump is over the shaved eyebrows look, and has opted to draw a unibrow on his face to look like more NBA star Anthony Davis. Pump has really been on one lately, possibly going a little stir crazy as a result of being stuck in quarantine. The 19-year-old recently shocked the world when he posted a photo on Instagram revealing that he'd completely shaved his eyebrows off. "I'm an alien," he wrote on the post, showing off his new bold (not to mention, bald) look.

He later jokingly explained that the reason he'd decided to take a razor to his eyebrows had something to do with the wildly popular Netflix docu-series, Tiger King. In a video on his Instagram story, Pump put on a Floridian accent similar to the stars of the big cat conservatory show, and ranted about how "the reason I shaved my eyebrows is 'cause that b*tch Carole Baskin, god damn it, she killed her husband and fed him to the god damn tigers!" It's a widely-believed theory that one of the stars of the series, Carole Baskin, was responsible for murdering her ex-husband, Don Lewis.

However, now Pump has decided to shift gears a bit and go for a slightly different eyebrow look. It appears that the rapper has drawn a super thick unibrow on his face, joking that he looks like "Anthony Davis now." The Lakers star is known for rocking a unibrow, although his is certainly not as thick as Pump's fake one.

Pump showed off his new look further in a Triller video with his buddy, Smokepurpp. The two of them engaged in some shenanigans in the brief clip, which includes a snippet of their previously teased song called "Off My Chest." Purpp asked his followers to comment “FLORIDA JIT” if they're ready for his upcoming album, so it looks like we might be hearing this unreleased collab along with Purpp's next body of work fairly soon.

What do you think of Pump's new look?