When we think about lyrical rappers in the hip-hop game right now, there are probably a few rappers that immediately come to mind. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wale, Big Sean, Boogie, Eminem, J.I.D. All of these artists definitely fit the lyrical bill. Well, someone else is throwing their hat into the lyrical umbrella and that person is yes, you guessed it, the Harvard dropout himself, Lil Pump.

Now you may be saying to yourself that that is absolutely ridiculous. How can Lil Pump ever be considered a lyrical rapper? While the consensus may say otherwise, Lil Pump himself feels like he is, in fact, a lyrical rapper and that's really all that should matter. Pump actually took to Twitter to declare himself "the most lyrical rapper of all time."

The comments section was ready to deliver some memes Pump's way and quickly reminded him that he isn't exactly lyrical. Obviously, Pump has been known to troll so take his tweet with a grain of salt. However, his new album Harvard Dropout is set to release on February 22nd so maybe we'll see a new side to the "Gucci Gang" rapper that will take us by surprise.

Are you looking forward to Lil Pump's next project?