Teejayx6 has publicly accused Lil Pump of his stealing his flow on an unreleased song that he recently teased on his Instagram Story. Teejayx6 even cited evidence to back up his claim that Pump was influenced by his music. Back in September of 2019, Pump quoted a line from one of Teejayx6's songs in an Instagram caption. Even though Teejayx6 alleges that Pump switched up a few words in the lyrics in order for them not to be traced back to their true origins, the Detroit rapper takes this post as proof that Pump was rocking with his and Kasher Quon's collaboration, "Dynamic Duo." "

"Wow everybody tag @lilpump for stealing my flow," X6 wrote when reposting Pump's previewed track. "Tell that n**** i need a song now with me & @kasherquon on it back from when he captioned dynamic duo." His call to action was heeded, as Teejayx6's fans have been flooding the comments of Pump's September post with clown emojis and accusations of theft. 

Pump appears to not be too disturbed by these damning claims, as he staunchly stood his ground on his IG Story. "Stealing who flow?!" the South Florida shouted. "N****, I made this shit! N****, I run this shit! Bitch, I'm the king of Miami! Stop fucking playing with me, n****." Let's see if Teejayx6 responds with a diss track.