Calabasas is home to many celebrities and socialites such as the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Drake, and Lil Pump. Unfortunately, members of the Calabasas community have been forced to evacuate their homes due to the wildfire. While Kim Kardashian was simply grateful for the fact that her family and kids are safe, Lil Pump took to Instagram and documented his journey through the mandatory evacuation in Calabasas.

Despite the natural disaster striking his backyard, Lil Pump is dealing with the evacuation with a smile on his face. The "Arms Around You" rapper was still at his Calabasas pad on Friday when the wildfire began inching closer to his home. The rapper documented the entire journey on Instagram. "Where that mothafuckin' helicopter at, man? Hey, how do you get out of here, bro? They ain't playin' with me. My house 'bout to fuckin' burn up," he said. "Bitch, you think they got fires in the hood in Carol City? Bitch, I ain't never seen no fuckin' fire. This is that L.A. shit," he added.

Pump seemed to turn the crisis into a game and began packing his belongings into boxes and sliding them down his spiral staircase. 

Unfortunately, Pump didn't leave his property before the fire made its way to his backyard. The rapper is heard freaking out, yelling, "Yo, my backyard's on fire! Yo, we gotta go!"

Shortly after, Pump confirmed that he was safe as he drove away from the fire and advised his fellow Calabasas residents to leave the area immediately before sticking his head out the window and yelling, "GET THE FUCK OUT! BITCH, BITCH, GET OUT! GET OUT!"

Sound advice from Lil Pump.