Rapper Lil Pump is out here on his "it ain't trickin' if you got it" vibe, spending cash like it's going out of style. Days ago the rapper nearly lost a $100,000 ring while teeing off at a Top Golf course in Miami, and now he's rocking a grill that costs over double that.

According to TMZPump called on celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang when he decided he wanted a new set of grillz. The rapper's iced out set of teeth reportedly features a flawless baguette made of 165 hand-picked diamonds. In addition to that, each is 16-carats and is cut to fit a specific tooth, all set in a rose gold baguette grill.

Dang tells TMZ that this is the first 18-carat, rose gold, baguette grill he's even had to create, and the set cost Pump an incredible $250,000. This may be unique to Pump, but the grill itself looks familiar because it's similar to the set Dang made for Migos rapper Quavo. However, it took Dang six months to finish up Quavo's ice, but Pump's only set him back one month.

Pump showed off his blinged set on Instagram, sharing an up close and personal video clip that zoomed in on the detail of his grillz. "ROSE GOLD BAGUETTES," Pump wrote. "DROPPED 3 HOUSES IN IN MY MOUTH B*TCHH Thanks to @johnnydangandco." The 18-year-old is known to flash his cash and jewelry while staying in the public eye, but last month he told Vulture that having a fat bank account isn't just about spending money on himself. “I got people to take care of: my mom, my dad, my grandma, my aunties," he said. "I don’t care about fame,” he pauses. “Problems, everywhere."