It's been a year filled with ups-and-downs for Lil Pump. While his career reached a new peak -- collaborating alongside Kanye West and making his debut on Saturday Night Live -- his legal issues impeded on his commercial success. The Miami rapper was detailed in Denmark for taunting a police officer which resulted in his show in Finland getting canceled. However, his troubles with the law aren't over yet. According to reports, the "Drug Addict" rapper is currently talking to police after TSA allegedly found drugs in his luggage.

Lil Pump was kicked off a flight earlier today after he was allegedly caught with drugs in his luggage, TMZ reports. The rapper was flying from Miami to Los Angeles, but unfortunately, the flight never even left the ground. The rapper and his crew got on the flight before a flight attendant told them there was an issue they needed to deal with. The flight never pushed back from the gate and Pump and co. were kicked off of the flight. The rapper and his entourage were met by police offers at the terminal. TSA allegedly found a "significant amount" of drugs in a checked bag with Pump's name on it. As of now, the rapper hasn't been arrested or charge, but he is talking to the police.

We'll keep you posted on any new developments regarding Lil Pump's situation.