New reports by Complex indicate rapper Lil Pump has been making major business moves recently. According to the news outlet, the artist was selected to represent a new marijuana brand, Smoke Unhappy. TMZ broke the story, further revealing that the rapper's positioning amongst generation Z and influencer skills may positively lead the successful company. Along with being a brand ambassador for the company, the "Be Like Me" rapper will also act as a partner in the company with the freedom to provide both creative and marketing input. His duties will thus include product testing and evidently will also result in him acquiring a percentage of the sales. 

Smoke Unhappy is set to produce a variety of CBD and THC products and so in the house, with numerous stores in states where weed use is legal like California. The masterminds behind the Smoke Unhappy brand, Kamil Mizstal, and Larry Chachko, revealed to TMZ that they originally planned to launch products nearing the end of 2018. However, they were looking for the perfect spokesperson to represent their brand. Their perfect fit was discovered through a friend and business partner, Eric the Jeweler, who suggested Pump as their go-to. From there on, the men teamed up and followed with this announcement.