Lil Pump was praised a while ago for saving a fan who had collapsed in the crowd of one of his shows. The rapper stopped the performance to make sure the fan got the attention their health required at the time and resumed the show shortly after. According to Lil Pump, this was not the only instance of the kind during the event.

At least one other fan had also collapsed during his performance at the Wireless Festival earlier this month. Lil pump explained this briefly.

“The same sh*t happened to somebody else and we pulled them out again. That sh*t kept happening at Wireless, man!” 

Seems like many of his fans were in a fragile state while rocking to Pump's music. Dehydration is said to be the main culprit in these cases, although some people have speculated about the possibility of drug use. It is unclear if each case garnered the same attention at the publicized instance. Lil Pump was quite attentive during the crisis :

"I stopped the whole show and went back there for a minute or two to make sure he was good [...] He started breathing again so I came back on stage. I love all my fans."