I don't want to be that guy, but Lil Pump kind of blew his shot at impressing the masses. XXL just uploaded a 50-second clip, similar to the clip they released of Stefflon Don spitting bars. The neon sign flashes before us, upstaged by Lil Pump's wardrobe and shimmer. The next thing you notice is Pump's sheepish grin, and a money phone pressed against his ear. Then he begins rapping, and the words seem all too familiar. Could it be, another recycled verse from the repository? Not a deep cut, but the universally known "ESSKEETIT." Lil Pump has duped us again.

"Pinkie ring froze, pinkie ring froze
Pinkie ring covered in gold (ooh)
Too much diamonds on my neck, think I might choke (yuh)
Had a threesome with your bitch with my eyes closed (damn)
Tell my side ho bring it through the back door, oh!
I got eighty-thousand in my envelope (ooh)
I just got a Gucci Gang medal though (yeah)
Damn, I got some homies that went federal (uh)
Look at my two-tone Patek
I smash a ho then forget
I got a fridge on my neck (yeah)
I'm smokin' gas on a jet (uh)
Ooh, I just love to flex (yeah)
Blew out two million that Tootsie's (ooh)
I made your auntie a groupie (yeah)"

With two measures to go, Lil Pumps pulls out and the freestyle cuts to XXL appeasing the sponsors.

See for yourself.