A few years ago, Justin Bieber was regarded as one of the most hated musicians in the game. Clowned left and right, he has since passed the torch as he is generally respected at this point of his career for his contributions to music. While a few members of the industry deserve the title of "most-hated," one of the names in the hat has to be Lil Pump. With his outrageous flexing on social media and his polarizing sound, he has added to a generational divide in hip-hop with a younger audience gravitating towards his songs. With Justin Bieber celebrating his 24th birthday earlier this year, he is actually older than most of Pump's fanbase but that hasn't stopped him from embracing the rapper's favorite catchphrase.

When you think of Lil Pump, you likely envision the young man screaming "esskeetit" as loud as he possibly can and it appears as though the phrase is catching on with his peers. While not entirely in the same realm of musical genres, Bieber has shown love to the 17-year-old, posting a selfie on his Instagram story with the word "esskeetit" plastered atop. While this might not mean anything at all, it leads us to wonder what a Jetski x Bieber collaboration would even sound like.

Just last week, Pump was actually mistaken for Biebs at the airport as a woman affectionately referred to him as her "pal Justin Bieber." Perhaps the two are indeed the same person as they have now adopted the same vocabulary?