Over the past few weeks, Lil Pump has been in the middle of a bidding war amongst record labels after it was reported he left Warner Bros in January. The Florida sensation, who exploded onto the scene last year with his hit single “Gucci Gang,” currently has nearly 10 million followers on Instagram, and has become one of the hottest new artists in the industry. Everyone from DJ Khaled & Epic Records to Gucci Mane & any other label you can think of wanted him on their roster, but it appears after weeks of bidding Guwop is the lucky winner.

After Pump was spotted rocking a 1017 chain the other day, which initially started rumors of his signing, his manager, Dooney Battle, decided to hop on Instagram Friday and pretty much confirm the news of Pump signing with Gucci’s 1017 Eskimo label. While on FaceTime with Pump, Battle can be heard saying “Signing Day, Lil Pump signing day. Show ‘em who you signing with,” before Pump shows the cameras his icy new 1017 chain.

This report hasn't been confirmed by Lil Pump or Gucci themselves, but all signs seem to point that it’s the case. No details on the deal are known yet, but Pump had been vocal about wanting $15 million for a major label, and Gucci even told Pump to “name his price.” So who knows what the two agreed on, but you know Pump just secured the bag.

If all this is true, Lil Pump would join Atlanta rappers Ralo, Lil Wop & Hoodrich Pablo Juan as the latest signee to 1017 Eskimo Records, which launched last February.

Check out the IG story & announcement (below) courtesy of HHNM and let us know your thoughts. Is Pump a good fit with Gucci at 1017?