When Lil Pumpannounced his retirement mere days ago, many were left questioning whether wishes do indeed come true. Alas, those praying hip-hop's divisive young rascal would simply go out quietly and pursue another career are currently tasting that familiar bitterness of disappointment. It would appear that when Lil Pump claimed to be quitting music on Thursday, what he really meant to say was, "I'm taking a break this weekend." Now he's back in full swing, having effectively called SIKE on an announcement that saw many of our own commenters in a jubilant state of celebration. 

Lil Pump New song retirement

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram by way of Tik Tok to deliver the news, Lil Pump announced that he'd be delivering a new single called "Contacto." Much like another rapper who recently announced retirement, the unapologetic Azealia Banks, Lil Pump has chosen to mount his comeback by way of a Spanish banger. "YALL THOUGHT I QUIT BITCH IM BACK “CONTACTO” ESTO ES PA MIS LATINOS VAMOS A ROMPERRR  PARA CUANDO QUIEREN QUE SUELTE ESTA?" he captions, alongside a video teaser of the upcoming track. Given the quick turnaround time between IG preview and full-release, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one arrive by Friday at the latest. 

So there you have it -- it was a ploy all along, as it always is these days. For the time being at least, Lil Pump isn't going anywhere. Look for the bass-heavy "Contacto" to land in the imminent future. Are you looking forward to it?