Although he does not yet sport a large enough catalog of music to judge his longevity, Lil Pump has quickly grown to be one of the top faces among the new wave of rap. With his viral hit "Gucci Gang," he has become a favorite among younger hip-hop fans, and a strong rival for any lovers of lyrical music. Pump's method of repeating a hook is one way of crafting a catchy song but it won't slide by lyrical rap's standards. After signing a fresh $8 million deal to release one project, the young Floridian is rushing to finish the project so he can collect his bag.

Jetski has been previewing snippets on his Instagram story and on live-streams as of late, slowly pulling the curtain on how Harvard Dropout will sound. Fans may not have to wait much longer for new Pump as the rapper has tweeted out that the tape is almost completely wrapped up. "HARVERD DROPOUT TAPE IS ALMOST DONE ! 😇," Pump wrote to his fans yesterday evening. Although the project does not yet have a release date, the news of it being near complete means that we are likely to receive it in the coming months. The rapper has notably been misspelling the educational institution's name, which is either a play on the "Dropout" theme or he simply does not know how to spell Harvard.

We will continue to keep an eye on any potential release dates, tracklists or cover art as the mixtape nears completion.