People remain seriously divided on Lil Pump. The young artist is loved by his loyal fanbase and disliked by many others. His naysayers aren't into the way he glorifies drug use in his music, adding sexist elements as well. He targets his music to a group of young men and women that just wants to turn up. The people who do listen to Lil Pump likely don't care about lyrical content. They really just want to party and Pump is right there with them. His new album Harverd Dropout is on all streaming services and the rapper is still flexing all over social media. Thankfully, he hasn't taken a leak on any stacks of cash (on camera) in the last little while but this morning, he decided to show off how he was starting the day.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

However you imagined Lil Pump waking up, you were probably right. The Florida entertainer posted a photo of a blunt, a bottle of lean, his "Drug Addict" chain, the LeBron South Beach 9's and a Louis Vuitton trunk. If you didn't have all of those elements in your guess, we forgive you. The star captioned the pic by wishing all of his fans a good day. "Goodmorning babe," he wrote.

This won't help in expanding his fanbase but his current following will eat it up.