Who knew that Lil Pump's eyebrows were such a defining quality for him? Now that they're gone, he looks like a completely different person.

The Florida native has been growing out his facial hair, debuting a beard in recent months, but he's getting rid of the other hair on his face. Specifically, homeboy went and buzzed his eyebrows off.

In a new photo uploaded to Instagram, Lil Pump showed off his new look and, damn, he doesn't look anything like he normally does. Upon first glance, you'll notice the differences. He even considers that fact in his caption.

Lil Pump
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I’m a alien now," wrote the rapper.

As he spends time in self-isolation, Jetski probably got really bored and decided to switch up his look. If he doesn't fuck with it, his brows will always grow back, right? And now is the most opportune time to make such a choice. After all, nobody is going to see the look (except for his millions of followers... *sigh*) if it goes wrong.

Check out Lil Pump's new look below and let us know if you even realized it was him at first. 

Earlier this year, the rapper was involved in a short feud with scam-rap sensation Teejayx6, who accused him of biting his flow. Read more about that here.