Okay, Lil Pump. We see what you're doing here. The Florida native is one of the most popular young artists in the game right now. Fresh off the release of Harverd Dropout, Pump decided to clean up his image a little today, claiming that he would be halting his use of marijuana. While many of us didn't exactly buy what he was selling, we doubt that many people predicted he would spark up on the same day.

"Guys, I came to a conclusion today," said Pump in a video today. "I'm done smoking weed man. It's a waste of fucking time and money and all that." It appears as though the rapper has had a change of heart because a few hours after the clip went live, Pump uploaded an image of himself with a blunt in his mouth. You may recall, the 18-year-old has done exactly this in the past but with other drugs. The rapper, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, has sworn off of lean, only to show off a few bottles of Actavis on the same day. I guess he'll always stay true to his "Drug Addicts" single.

Were you fooled by Pump's phony promise or did you know from the start that he was fibbing?