It looks like Lil Pump is calling on Charlie Sheen for an upcoming music video. On Wednesday, the Florida sensation was spotted hanging out with infamous actor on his IG story.

“Charlie Sheen what we doing right now? What we doin?” Pump asks in the clip. “We are about to make history,” Sheen added.

The two were both spotted wearing lab coats like a doctor, alluding that they were on the set of an upcoming video shoot. One person on Twitter said they were shooting the video for Pump’s forthcoming “Drug Addict” song, but that hasn't been confirmed at this hour. It does look however that it’s for some sort of music video.

The clip comes just hours after Pump had made headlines for going at ATL rapper Russ. Now that Pump and J. Cole are cool, the "Eskeetit" rapper says he’s now refocusing his energy at Russ, saying “its fuck Russ now” on twitter earlier Wednesday.

Check out the surprising clip of Pump & Sheen kickin' it (below) and look for the video to be on the way. Notice how Pump is all smiles still as he’s currently no longer rockin’ the braces either.