People can be quick to jump at anything negative they read about Lil Pump. The outspoken rapper is one of the most hated figures in the game right now and his contributions to music are consistently discredited. Pump's influence on the youth has been strong and with "Gucci Gang" and "Esskeetit" still collecting plenty of streams, he isn't likely to stop anytime soon. It's easy to hate on Lil Pump but when he does kind-hearted, thoughtful and genuinely nice things like this, he has to earn a bit of your respect.

During his performance at this weekend's Wireless Festival in the U.K., Jetski stopped his set to alert medical practitioners to the crowd where one fan was having a seizure. Pump sounds scared, yelling, "Yo, yo! Parademics, somebody's having a seizure. We need paramedics." Fellow audience members helped the fan in distress to the front of the crowd where security and paramedics helped him out. Pump even went to join him for a minute, rejoining the stage when he found out the fan would be alright. When Pump jumped back on, he confirmed the fan's health status to a huge crowd ovation before continuing to perform his hits. 

Some rappers definitely would not stop their show after witnessing this so big ups to Lil Pump for doing the right thing. Hopefully, the fan is alright and got a photo with the artist afterward.