As previously reported but not confirmed, Lil Pump was forced to abandon his concert in Nottingham, England, after the dispersal of tear gas into the crowd. Video obtained by TMZ shows Lil Pump gasping for air outside the venue, moments after bringing the concert to a screeching halt.

Before abandoning ship, Lil Pump was in the midst of hyping the crowd between songs, when the sulfuric smell fell under his nose. He then lowered his mic and darted off stage, the next point of interrogation being his coughing fit outside the concert hall.

If you account for the 3rd video, it looks like the crowd took the worst of the damage. As the guest of honor, priority was given to Lil Pump, as the medics on site came to his aid before the others. Cops, in a coordinated effort with the paramedics, did well to vacate the premises in fashion.

Only two concert-goers were treated for non-threatening injuries as a result of the tear gas. Police don't think the eruption of said gad, was an act of terrorism. They are nevertheless treating the incident as a serious matter. 

Lil Pump continues his UK tour this Sunday at the Manchester Academy, in Manchester, England.