Lil Pump doesn't care about our judgment. For that reason, he seems to have continuously reveled in playing hip-hop's heel. Case in point, channeling his inner pee-pee man and urinating into a sink full of hundreds because he can. While his misguided villainy seems neither focused nor truly malicious, Pump has brilliantly found a way to tow the line between laughing with him, and at him. A masterstroke to be sure. Yet rappers like J. Cole have still given him the time of day, attempting to connect on a variety of levels, and thus elevating Pump into something of a scientific specimen; the narrative following his J. Cole interview seemed to suggest a brooding intelligence long dormant. Is Pump truly watching the game unfold with Machiavelian sensibilities?

Billboard has taken the time to sit down with Pump, in order to pick his brain on his recent accomplishments. Explaining his responses to be largely constructed of "incomplete thoughts and hyperbole," the piece reaches a crowning point when Pump reflects on shooting "I Love It" with Kanye West. For the most part, his reflections live up to Billboard's description, though his manager Dooney Battle does his best to connect the dots. It seems as if Kanye and Pump were in talks to collaborate on Pump's Harverd Dropout, and "I Love It" emerged as a result.

Battle also claims that Pump has already served his jail time, though he fails to specify any further. By that point, Pump has already begun to "trail off," and concluded with a firm proclamation: "I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks."

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