Whether you dressed up or not, you likely enjoyed a vast assortment of candies last night. If you're currently in a chocolate coma and you have no energy to scroll through your Instagram feed to catch up on the top celebrity costumes from yesterday, we've got you covered. We've already posted a few round-ups from before October 31's night festivities but yesterday evening, some of our favorite stars dressed up to the nines to show off their creative costumes. 

If you've been anywhere close to your phone and social media in the last couple of days, you've been bombarded with people showing off how hard they went for Halloween this year. Whether you were astounded by YG's Michael Jackson interpretation or floored by Beyonce and Jay-Z's outfits, you had to have had a favorite costume. With Tyga dressing up as Eazy-E, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid getting their couple's fit on and Lil Pump going full Avatar on us, it's hard to choose one artist that went above and beyond everybody else this year. Rihanna kept things simple in her leather get-up while Diddy recreated his fear of Pennywise during a family get-together. Of course, the Kardashian family went a little crazy too, posting a few of their favorite costumes and showing off the kids in their "I Love It" outfits. 

We've included a few of the best from last night below. Let us know your favorite.