The world we live in is full of possibilities. Advancements in technology have allowed the entire world to connect to each other with the press of a button, and society is using that potential to its fullest, by letting rapper Lil Pump hit up actor Charlie Sheen for his next music video. 

In his Instagram story yesterday, Pump makes the offer straight out, claiming that he NEEDS Charlie Sheen for his next video, and that he's willing to pay straight cash. He then turns the camera to a spread out stack of bills lying on his table. 

The two of them make an appropriate couple. Lil Pump has never shied away from telling his fans how many drugs he and his grandma take. Charlie Sheen has become a sort of figurehead for guys who like to go on drug benders. Back in 2011, Charlie famously went on a complete meltdown after being fired from Two and a Half Men, referring to himself as a "warlock," saying that he had "tiger blood," and spawning his popular catchphrase "Winning!"

Charlie, probably to the surprise of some, actually responded to Pump's job offer. Reposting the video on his Instagram, Charlie writes, "first
this: (visual 1) and then this: (visual 2) just another Wednesday in Sheen-ville ! #TheOhGeeWinner." While this comment makes absolutely no sense for the most part, and there's no indication as to what other visual he's actually referring to, it might be safe to assume that this is Charlie's way of agreeing to work on the video.