Zaytoven has developed a signature sound over the years, working with Atlanta's top artists in Migos, Future, Gucci Mane and others. As one of the top producers in the game, a Zay beat can boost the entire appeal of your single, as his production style has become so recognizable and original at this point. Zaytoven was the chief producer on Lil Pump's "Designer," which sees Pump boisterously bragging about his lavish lifestyle over the trap-inspired beat. 

Growing up in the church, Zay explains that his signature piano keys that people attribute to his sound used to be played on the organ. On a constant mission to stand out, the producer stopped playing the drums in favor of the piano and organ since all the boys in church gravitated towards the percussive instrument. Zaytoven credits the time he made a project with Future to when he developed his signature piano sound, which can be heard in many of his tracks, including Pump's "Designer."

In the video, the producer explains that he had never met Lil Pump but his son constantly speaks about him. When he received a call from the young Florida rapper, he wanted to work with him because of his son's fascination. Zay details the order in which he added sounds to the beat, as well as a late addition that ended up changing up the whole song. With the remix having just been released, there is no better time to check out how the original beat was created.