Lil Pump's been dealing with several legal issues over the past year. The rapper was arrested yesterday for allegedly driving without a license. While the rapper has since been released from police custody, his lawyer had something to say about Pump's arrested. According to Brian Bieber, Lil Pump's was profiled when the police pulled him over and booked him for driving without a valid license.

Brian Bieber, Lil Pump's attorney, spoke to TMZ earlier today about his client's recent arrest in Miami. Bieber said that police had no reason to pull him over at the time of his arrest and believes the incident was a classic case of profiling. He believes the police pulled him over for the simple fact that he's a young, hispanic, hip hop artist cruising around in a Rolls Royce.

Bieber said the police told Lil Pump that they pulled him over for an illegal turn. However, they later changed their story and claimed he was pulled over for expired tags on his car. He's adamant that the "Drug Addict" rapper didn't do anything to cause a police stop. 

Pump's been released from police custody and received a ticket for the alleged violation. However, he won't need to appear in court due to the fact that his legal team will be handling that.

Following his release, the rapper took to Instagram to share his mugshot as well as the release date for Harverd Dropout which he said will drop on September 14th.