Lil Pump is all about living a luxurious lifestyle. The 18-year-old rapper struck gold with "Gucci Gang" and he's been striving ever since. His artistic credibility has been called into question by many but his audience is so large that at this point, people will support anything he puts out. Thankfully, he appears to be improving with each new song. When Pump chopped it up with J. Cole to settle their differences, one of the main differences between the two was how they have handled their financial wealth. Cole is more subdued while Lil Pump goes above and beyond to let people know he's rich. His flexing prowess was on display yesterday as he cashed out at the Gucci store, leaving with a receipt so long that it hung to the floor.

Throughout his shopping trip, an employee at the store helped him out and he grew an affinity to her. "Jamie, keep it real, who spends the most at Gucci out of all these rappers that be coming here," asked Pump. Jetski was at the Beverly Hills location, meaning that many from the Los Angeles area frequent the shop for their sprees. Jamie failed to answer as she uncomfortably laughed.

There's got to be somebody who can out-spend on Gucci. For now, Pump is happy taking the title though.