Lil Reese Is Stoned-Faced As Ever On "Gotta Be"

Devin Ch
July 21, 2018 12:56

"Miss me with that goofy shit."

Lil Reese comports himself like person who's been wronged in the past, and expects the ill-treatment to continue in the future. His music video for "Gotta Be" adds an interesting visual element to a song that best communicates distrust. True to spirit, Lil Reese shoots the entire thing without an entourage, at once ashing his blunt in the passenger side of his car. The expressive yet passive countenance plunges deeper into solemnity, as he relights his blunt. Reese made a name for himself as an "enforcer" in the heyday of the drill movement. In 2018, his persona is not about to undergo an overhaul. The same can be said for his Chicago peers (RIP Fredo).

Unlike Lil Durk who has moved outside of the shadow by consolidating his act, Lil Reese has no reason to crack a joke, especially not on himself. After releasing GetBackGang a few weeks back, "Gotta Be" becomes a signifier of his unrelenting desire to remain a shadowy figure. What do you make his latest video drop?

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