Last month, reports surfaced that Lil Reese was allegedly in "fair condition" after being grazed in the eye by a bullet in Chicago. Authorities responded to calls reporting gunfire in May, arriving at the scene to find Reese and three other men wounded. He was then transported to a nearby hospital where he was said to be in recovery, making a considerably swift bounce back.  

Aside from the occasional updates about his condition to fans, he's yet to speak out about what exactly went down. In a recent interview, the rapper finally released exclusive details about exactly how the scary situation unfolded, including new details about exactly how many shots were fired. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

"May 15th outside of The Grand Plaza apartment, you know what I'm saying, you got shot in the eye?" asked the interviewer. "Yeah, I got grazed in the eye, I got grazed in the head, and I got grazed in the mouth," Reese clarified.

"It was never no fighting going on, you feel me. Like the dude that was recording me was just lying saying like 'Ooo it's a fight,' no, it wasn't no fighting going on, they was saying that probably to cover they ass cus the police was right there and they called the police as I got downstairs from getting shot, the people I was getting weed from pulled in the garage and was tryna get out."

"People were running up to the car, shooting up the car and stuff, so as they shooting up the car now they running away, I'm tryna run out the car. I run out the car...and people are telling the police 'Yeah he stole our car, he stole our car.' And the police come slam me on the ground and make me hit my head on the pole that was right there," he continued to explain, confirming that the bleeding and head injury came from officers, not from fighting and adding that he did not attempt to steal a car despite previous reports. 

Luckily for Reese, he was able to walk away from the scary ordeal without sustaining more severe injuries.