6ix9ine has always been known for his disrespectful antics, and on Saturday, the artist ramped up to 11 as he decided to on Instagram live with the likes of Lil Reese. Reese has been a staunch critic of 6ix9ine, especially when it comes to all of the disrespect that the rainbow-haired rapper has shown to Chicago. As one can imagine, this IG Live session was less than productive, especially as 6ix9ine only wanted to make jokes about Reese defecating his pants.

Following the Instagram exchange, Reese took to Twitter where he gave his side of the story. As he explained, 6ix9ine needs to find a new joke. Reese also noted that 6ix9ine was asking questions to get Reese caught up and that Tekashi is in cahoots with the feds.

"Dudeass a str8 rat nigga wanna add me to they ig live in shit I’m enjoying my wonderful life knowing I didn’t trick on a soul," Reese wrote. "N***a ask me who the last nigga yall drop. Bro tryna take me out this shit."

There is no love lost between these two, and it seems like the beef won't be stopping anytime soon. 6ix9ine isn't stopping at Reese either, as he also went live with 600 Breezy last night. Simply put, 6ix9ine is looking to anger every single person in Chicago, which doesn't seem like the smartest of strategies.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1