You can't knock down Lil Reeseno matter how hard you try. The rapper was shot in the throat earlier this month but survived and was released from the hospital just days later. Unfortunately, his injury means that he isn't able to use his voice for the next two months. However, it appears as though he's making the best out of his situation right now without having to take time off of work.

Reese hit Twitter where he revealed that he's back in the booth despite not being able to use his voice for the next two months. He announced that he hopped on some fire production from "Murda On Beatz." He revealed that he recorded a song called "16 Shots" where he's on some ASMR vibes. "I recorded a song called 16 shots produced by murda on beats yall kno I cant talk right," he wrote. "[Fire] ass track I whisper on."

Of course, Murda Beatz laughed at the fact he was referred to as "murda on beatz" but he did reveal that their collaboration is reminiscent of a certain Kanye West song. "Lil Reese Really Made The Mordern Day Thru The Wire," he wrote.

Lil Reese did release Get Back Gang 2 earlier this year which included appearances from Chief Keef as well as a posthumously released verse from Fredo Santana