Lil Reese and two other men were shot in Chicago yesterday and a clip of the aftermath ended up going viral on Twitter. At first, there was very little information on Reese's condition although last night, it was revealed that he was in "fair condition" at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It was also reported that Reese had spoken to the police about the shooting and what exactly happened moments before the shootout.

"Lil Reese told police that he met the people in the Durango outside of the garage and directed them where to drive so he could buy cannabis from them, the report said. The other people shot gave police little information," The Chicago Tribune said.

Last night, Reese's IG account posted a small update to his story saying "God is great" with some prayer hands. The message has since been deleted although fans are taking it as a sign that Reese is going to be okay.

In medical terms, "fair condition" means your vital signs are good and that you are conscious of everything around you. However, it also means the patient can be feeling some discomfort. It is believed that Reese's eye was actually grazed by a bullet.

Details surrounding Reese's condition continue to surface so stay tuned as we will be sure to keep you informed.

Lil Reese

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