Lil Scrappy, who is on probation, recently submitted a urine sample which was deemed suspicious, and an arrest warrant was soon issued for the rapper. Although the urine sample was thought to have been tampered with because it was cold to touch, Scrappy denied that he ever even gave a urine sample to begin with. Nonetheless, a hearing was scheduled to go over the incident (and was then pushed back). Now Scrappy has finally been able to submit his urine sample to be processed again (or for the first time, depending whose story you believe). And this time, it definitely was not tampered with, as it came back positive for marijuana.

Scrappy was in a Georgia courtroom this morning, and his urine test was revealed to be positive for weed. Lil Scrappy is claiming an addiction to the substance, and he will reportedly enter a rehab facility for treatment.

TMZ reports that Scrappy's lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis says the reality T.V. star will check into a facility by June 16th. Davis says that Scrappy also acknolwedges his apparent problem with weed.