Lil Scrappy and friend, rapper Ca$ino Roulette suffered gross injuries in a near-fatal car accident in June. While Lil Scrappy showed noticeable signs of recovery within a week of his hospital stint, Ca$ino has not been quite so fortunate. TMZ is reporting that Roulette still suffers from mental trauma he incurred from the crash, owing to a serious case of PTSD.

Both Scrappy and Ca$ino Roulette were lucky to escape with their lives, when the Mercedes-Benz veered to the side of the road, eventually crashing into a utility pole. Scrappy, who'd already driven through three US States in an exhausting day of travel, ended up breaking his foot in the process. Ca$ino Roulette was far less fortunate, as his injuries included broken ribs, a concussion, bruised lungs, liver and kidneys, a ruptured large intestine, and the subsequent mental anguish of recurring nightmares (of the crash itself).

Ca$ino's physical recovery was made difficult by a stomach infection he labored with for a short while, before doctors put him under the knife once again. Since the operation, Ca$ino has developed a respiratory problem and is reportedly unable to lift anything weighing more than 20-odd pounds. He is nevertheless thankful to be alive and is in good standing with Lil Scrappy, with whom he is said to "not hold a grudge" for the accident, under any fault lines. We all wish Ca$ino the very best in 2019, as he continues in his recovery.