Sometimes, performers get a little carried away. We've all witnessed so many amazing feats from different artists during their concerts. From Kanye West's elaborate stage design to Lil Uzi Vert literally jumping off a building at Rolling Loud 2018, there is some crazy stuff that goes down at hip-hop shows. Travis Scott invites the ragers and Blueface dances around with a mop. This week, rappers have not had the best luck when it comes to their balance on stage. We previously reported on Young M.A taking a little tumble during her recent show and it appears as though Lil Skies suffered the same fate in Minnesota.

Zachary Mazur/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Currently on tour with Lil Pump, Skies is used to performing in front of thousands of his diehard fans. Having just released a new album this year, he's clearly excited to be performing new music for the crowd and he ended up getting a little overzealous, losing his footing and stepping right off the stage a few days ago. Thankfully, it was all captured on video. The moment Skies takes an extra step is seen as he's rapping when, in an instant, he falls out of the frame and starts laughing on the mic. Once he regains his composure, he puts on a big smile and is helped back up before telling the audience how grateful he is that his first time falling off the stage was in Minnesota.

Memories have officially been made. Skies is a true professional. Watch the video below.