Lil Snupe's father posted a video last week where he visited his son's gravesite for the first time since his prison release, calling out Meek Mill for allegedly not paying for Snupe's headstone. After a tough week reading all the headlines about her son, Snupe's mother has officially issued a video statement addressing the late rapper's father's comments, claiming that Meek and others are not to blame for her son not having a headstone.

Snupe's mother explains in the video that, at the time of the rapper's death, his label boss Meek Mill did not have a price limit for the funeral. She revealed that Meek is not the reason why Snupe doesn't have a headstone. Rather, she decided not to have a headstone placed for her son. "It's my personal decision that I prepared," she said in the video, explaining that that would have cemented the fact that her son was gone for her. "So going out to that grave and making that big old scene, the main thing about it is that [Snupe's father] wanted to go viral."

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Snupe's mom says that the late rapper's father has called her out on numerous occasions, calling her a snitch and other names. She says that his dad is obsessed with fame and devised a plan to create attention from his visit to Snupe's grave, calling out Meek, Jay-Z, and others for allegedly not paying for a larger headstone when he knew the real reason why there wasn't one.

Watch Snupe's mother's video below, where she tells her side of the story.