In this day in age, the rise of Lil Tay is almost too predictable, it's almost doesn't matter that she is from parts remote, or 9 nine years old. Social Media has become a playground of performance ideas. It so happens that when rappers flex their "bundles," it's only to demonstrate they've come from absolutely nothing. Tay's inversion of the theory, comes at a cost of disrupting what little scruples we identify with materialism and the culture of hip hop.

Since being exposed as a fraud, Tay has not relented or broken character, not for one minute. Yesterday, Tay and her mother Angela Tian made an appearance on Good Morning America, to share their side of the story, however improbable. The GMA anchor opened the segment by questioning Mrs Tian better judgement, "This mom has a lot to answer for," before airing the pre-recorded interview with Juju Chang. Chang seemed more intent on disproving Lil Tay's facade than chiding her mother for exploiting her to the masses. Angela Tian described her daughter as "well-mannered," "a great kid," with a "passion" and a "dream," all to prove our it's her word against yours. Angela ended the segment by questioning the legality of Tian's compliance with her daughter's antics, or rather her direction of her "Social Media Career." It's all hard to make out.